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Our story began in 2008 when my wife saw a shaky, metal-framed bed hanging in a second-hand store and told me she wanted it for our back porch in Oxford, Mississippi. I feared the feeble bed would topple if anyone sat on it. I knew I could build something nicer and sturdier, so I designed and crafted the first SwingBedTM as a Christmas gift for my family. All of our friends and neighbors were jealous as soon as they sat on it. A few months later, we sold our house (and the SwingBed, at the new owner's insistence) and moved to Olive Branch, Mississippi. Naturally, my wife wanted not one, but two SwingBeds at our new house. I built a patio in the backyard and then hung two SwingBeds. The next thing I knew I was building a SwingBed for my neighbor, whose wife said she just had to have one.

That's when I had my "Aha"! moment. I created a website and shipped my first order to California two weeks later. Before long, I had order coming in from all over. I assembled a small team and even put my son to work to help me keep up with demand. We have shipped SwingBeds to all 48 contiguous states, Canada, the Caribbean, and as far as Hong Kong. We have  even worked with interior designers all the way from Manhattan to Oregon.

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Our Difference

Knock-offs of our SwingBeds built with cheap pine and pressure-treated wood have cropped up, but none have compared to the quality of our original design. Each SwingBed is handcrafted with kiln-dried Cypress and Western Red Cedar. Our 15,000-square foot workshop with custom-built woodworking tools allows us to offer the highest quality product on the market. Since our first order in April 2010, we have not received a single complaint or had one of our SwingBeds returned for any reason. Each one is built for life.We offer custom SwingBed designs and sizes. If you have an idea, we can build it at no additional charge. Les us make you the SwingBed of your dreams that can be handed down from one generation to the next. 

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You never have to worry about quality when it comes to SwingBeds with us.  We use only the best materials available and pride our self on our workmanship.


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PO Box 38473, GERMANTOWN, TN 38138, US